Rawduck Restaurant Review

Following in the fashion of new-wave and the London restaurant, one of my absolute favourites at the moment is Rawduck . This cosy east-end spin off of the small, yet markedly popular Ducksoup in Soho. [...]

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My Evening with Nicky Clinch

I had the pleasure of meeting Nicky Clinch a top macrobiotic chef at one of her supper clubs, hosted by Daylesford in Chelsea. Nicky Clinch is a Macrobiotic nutritionist & life counsellor, who hosts the [...]

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Inner City Retreat at Reva Yoga, Hackney

Yesterday I attended a delightful little urban day retreat in Hackney that I found through the website meetup.com. The event was organised by the lovely Laura Currie, a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist who works at the [...]

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The Art of the Smoothie

Not a desperately novel trend, but one that is often adapted, the smoothie has made its mark on the health conscious individuals of today, viewing these nutrient compact liquids as a healthy meal replacement, making [...]

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Gauthier Restaurant Review in Soho: The Vegan Edit

Gauthier French restaurant in Soho, is vegan fine-dining at it’s absolute best. With a price to match its decadence and sophistication, the vegan tasting menu is not cheap at £65 a head. It does however, [...]

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How to be vegan and stay healthy

Is a healthy vegan possible? In aid of world vegan day on November 1st where vegans around the world celebrate and champion for their vegan lifestyle. Additionally, in response to watching the rather eye-opening documentary ‘Cowspiracy’ [...]

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