Following in the fashion of new-wave and the London restaurant, one of my absolute favourites at the moment is Rawduck . This cosy east-end spin off of the small, yet markedly popular Ducksoup in Soho. It’s larger, contemporary surroundings in London Fields accommodate an all-day dining menu based around simple seasonal cooking, globally inspired flavours with quality ingredients.

It’s hard concrete interior and stripped-back decor, is toned down with pot-plant laden communal tables, and pink neon lights, which give the London restaurant a laid-back, romantic feel. That feeling is mirrored by the staff who ‘soft sell’ the food with their enthusiastic advocacy for each dish. An ideal choice for a small get together, catch up or a romantic meal for two.

The menu itself is made up of an eclectic mixture of small and large sharing plates which are skilfully designed using a mix match of food cultures, making each dish obscure and individual in their own right. Ferments and drinking vinegars are a prominent feature, along with a selection of natural untreated wines, which compliment the healthful theme of the menu.

Drinking Vinegar

Rawduck Restaurant review - Cucumber and dill drinking vinegar

We opted for stomach-settling cucumber and dill drinking vinegar, which was both sweet and tangy.  Anchovy and thyme pressed toasts with parmesan, sounded unusual, but the sharp salty anchovies offset the nutty flavour of the parmesan perfectly, making it a pleasing combination.












The Saucisse picante, I felt, actually lacked a little piquancy, but acted almost as a palate cleanser for the leek and nettle fritters with wasabi mayo, which followed.

Rather than a place to dine, the odd yet, interesting Rawduck London restaurant is an enjoyable venue for drinking and snacking that caters to a mixed crowd. It’s relaxed trendy cafe vibe, makes it an inviting place to sample it’s thoughtfully executed menu. Theres a little something for everyone here and with an atmosphere for all to enjoy and relish.